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How to unlock your PC with Android's fingerprint scanner

  1. Skyline Geek

    Skyline Geek Administrator Staff Member

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    Apr 11, 2017
    Everyone once dream of a PC with a Fingerprint scanner in it but obviously, it's something which our pocket can't afford. Here a cool trick to use your smartphone fingerprint scanner to unlock your PC.

    Things you need
    1. PC or a laptop :emoji_smile:
    2. Unified Remote Server application
    3. Tasker
    4. Unified Remote for Android
    5. Autotools Beta

    So let's Begin.

    1. The very first thing that you have to do is you have to set up the fingerprint on your Android device and also install the Unified Remote Server application on the Windows PC. The Unified Remote app for Android device is also to be installed before you could start up for the process.


    2. Open up the Unified Remote app on the Android device and then find up the Windows IP address or the computer’s IP address from an app. Once you have done that you would require making a 3-action quick task to encrypt your Windows password Within Tasker which all we would tell you afterward.


    3. Create a new task inside the Tasker app and give it some custom name to it which you could identify later on. This work won’t be used after one-time usage, so this could be deleted after that. Just follow the below things to make up some of the changes:

    # Go to Variables -> Variable Set and then from there name up “%pass” to the ‘your-windows-password’. Remember that this is your password and you should not forget it.

    # Now go to Plugins>AutoTools>AutoTools Text. For Text:%pass go to the encryption and set it to encrypt the pass and for encoding name it to some arbitrary phrase which you have to remember for further use.

    # At last go to the Variables> Variable Set and from there rename “%EncryptedPass” to “%attextresult()“. This would store your password in the global variable.

    4. Run up the above new task that you have just created for once and then after that delete it up. This won’t be required anymore, so it’s just safe to delete it up and know that it have done its work.

    5. Create the another new task and name it something like Fingerprint Unlock. Now just follow up the below things for the creation and setting up of that new task:

    1. Plugins –> AutoTools –> AutoTools Dialog. Select Fingerprint Dialog. Title: PC Fingerprint Unlock. Number of Tries: 1. Failed Message: Error: Fingerprint not recognized. Everything else you can customize to your liking.
    2. Plugins –> AutoTools –> AutoTools Text. Text: %EncryptedPass. Variable Name: %pass. Go to encryption and select to Decrypt. For the password, use the encryption password you made earlier.
    3. Net –> Browse URL. URL: ur://intent/remote:Core.Keyboard/action:press/extra:space/destination:YOURPCNAMEHERE
    4. Task –> Wait 1 second.
    5. Net –> Browse URL. URL: ur://intent/remote:Core.Keyboard/action:text/extra:%pass/destination:YOURPCNAMEHERE
    6. Task –> Wait 1 second.
    7. Net –> Browse URL. URL: ur://intent/remote:Core.Keyboard/action:Press/extra:enter/destination:YOURPCNAMEHERE
    6. And finally, after you have made up all those amendments to your device via Tasker you could now be able to unlock your Windows PC directly through the Fingerprint scanner on Android device!

    This method will let you unlock you PC using you device Fingerprint scanner bypassing the real pin screen. as its unlocked using Fingerprint scanner, It would respond quickly as well. Hope you found this thread a bit useful if so do leave a comment.
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  2. Cyber Guide

    Cyber Guide Moderator Staff Member

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    Apr 26, 2017
    Nicely Explained Mate Well Done
  3. Doind1956

    Doind1956 Member

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    Oct 26, 2017
    very well explained all great work

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