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How to Be a Pro hacker

By Skyline Geek on Oct 18, 2017 at 12:02 AM
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    Apr 11, 2017
    Maybe you can hack a website or maybe you can bypass WIFI security but that doesn't make you a hacker. To be a Hacker you need to plan not just a ordinary plan but a plan that will help you escape if you get caught. So today i will be telling you each and every step which will help you plan a great hack attack and will make sure that you wont get caught. i will tell you things you should take care about and keeping those point in mind you can make a great plan out of it.

    Firstly, find a Victim you want to attack and then for a successful attack you must follow these steps

    The first step of Hacking. This mean you have to gather information about Victim in a Passive way. Remember you not to get caught wile doing so. You can use some tools like metasploit and others for gathering the information but make sure no one gets to know that you are interested in getting the information about victim

    Now here comes the fun part. you might skip this step if you are doing a attack on small scale or you get all the information in the first step. If you are planing for a big attack then you might have to follow this step as well. In this you will have to get information from victim which you were unable to get in step one like getting the exact location of Server room etc. Its all the game of social engineering.
    Now you have sufficient information about Victim you know their vulnerability and there loophole. Plan a attack and exploit that loophole and bang you hacked the victim. Its not done yet you need to do some more stuff so that people can call you a pro Hacker.


    If you are reading this that means you want to do something more than just testing. so once you Hacked the victim now you want to maintain the access and what that mean is you should not anything that is easily visible to Victim like Encrypting the device or maybe deleting some files rather i will suggest you to do thing in background so that the Victim cant notice much difference


    This is the final and the most important step. Once you hack the Victim you need to clears all the tracks so that if Victim somehow gets to know that he has been hacked, he cant track you down. to do this you can use VPN and other stuff

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