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Firefox Focus, The best and safest browser for android and Ios ? [Hackers opinion]

By Skyline Geek on Jun 22, 2017 at 12:12 AM
  1. Skyline Geek

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    Apr 11, 2017

    Firefox Focus finally launched for Android. After getting an Avg of 4.6 rating on Apple app store company finally decided to throw this app for Android as well. This browser Firefox Focus is a browser to all of you who value the privacy over anything else.

    Why it's the best browser?

    1. It's free.
    2. the private browsing is always active
    3. you can't take screenshots, even if you try it will give you an error
    4. instantly wipe cookies and cache data
    5. inbuilt adblocker
    6. only 4 Mb in size
    7. fastest among all other browsers
    8. easy to use and minimalistic look
    9. no one can track your keystroke even if you install a keylogger on your device
    10. even if you try recording the screen it will show a blank video
    Conclusion :
    From my point of view its the best browser for Android, one of the safest and secure browser yet launched
    Skyline rating 10/10

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