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All about eWhoring | How to earn by eWhoring

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    Apr 11, 2017
    To the eWhore beginner guide, from beginner to pro

    READ This :
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    I do not commit to any illegal activities, I am only here to teach strictly for educational purposes only! I am not responsable for anything you do with the information I provide to you. Any discussion about manipulating people is highly prohibited.
    By reading any further you accept the statements stated above.

    Hello, Welcome To our website, and today i am going to teach you how to eWhore!

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    Table's of content
    [+] What is eWhoring
    [+] What payment services to use and how to receive money
    [+] What prices for what you are selling
    [+] How to make unsaturated e-Whore packs / gather them
    [+] How to photoshop any name on your eWhore
    [+] How to get traffic
    [+] How to talk like a eWhore
    [+] What is a time waster and how to i weed them out.
    [+] General eWhore tips and tricks
    [+] 70 eWhore packs, video’s and pictures!
    [+] How to eWhore on KIK
    [+] How to eWhore on CS:GO
    [+] How to eWhore using a VWC
    [+] How to eWhore in chatrooms
    [+] How to eWhore on craigslist
    [+] How to get money off a customer that was scammed by another e-Whore
    [+] Final words

    What is eWhoring
    e-Whoring sexual manipulation social engineering technique, this is often used in chatrooms, IM's, KIK and more.

    What payment services to receive payments

    You can use a lot of payment services such as

      • PayPal
      • Amazon Gift Cards
      • Crypto currency's (example: "Bitcoin, Litecoin, DogeCoin")
      • Skrill
      • Perfect money
    The best Payment service to use is PayPal, you need to verify it and upgrade to a business account, i have used PayPal a lot and it works like a charm.

    The second best is to use AGC (Amazon Gift Card).
    A lot of people use it and you can buy a lot of cool stuff with it or exchange it to another kind of currency.

    Other Payment services i listed aren't used that often, although BTC (Bitcoin) gets used by some customers you are going to get.

    How to receive money
    Receiving money is very easy!
    With PayPal, you need to give your email address and the same goes for Amazon Gift Cards, there is a difference though.

    With PayPal, you receive everything automatically.

    With AGC (Amazon Gift Card) you need to go to your email and claim the card in order to receive the payment.

    What prices for what you are selling
    So, you wanna sell nudes, these are the prices that are mostly used, don't sell 200 nudes for $10 because that will fuck it up for others!

    note: I am not selling nudes here, these are prices you can use while eWhoring

    Prices for nudes

      • $20 for 30 nudes
      • $40 for 65 nudes

    Prices for video's

      • 10 minutes for $20
      • 20 minutes for $35

    Just keep your prices high and look what is best, you can ask the guy how much he is spending, and then you can choose how many video’s or nudes you give for it.
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    Final words
    Thanks for reading my tutorial, and you all know me, i have been doing a lot for the eWhoring section, and now it is time for me to take a break off it, but i really needed to make this, you all saw it coming!
    And please keep the thread alive by saying thanks.
    Don't give up.

    Good luck eWhoring.

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