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    • 200+ Cpanel Dumps for free
      Heres few Cpanel Login Dumps for our users  Click here Format  https:// emailid : password @ cpanel address you will have to remove initial Https:// And for those who say link is broken  You will have to skip all the ads 
      Working Netflix account list over 500 accounts NOTE : DON'T CHANGE PASSWORD  Click here To those who say link dont working you will have to skip all the ads 
    • How to unlock bootloader of redmi 3/3s prime
      So here we are with a new xaiomi device where again unlocking bootloader is a tough deal. So there are 2 different ways to unlock bootloader of your redmi 3s/3s prime those are
      1.) UNLOCKING BOOTLOADER IN STABLE GLOBAL ROM (less recommended because it takes way too long)
      2.) UNLOCKING BOOTLOADER IN CHINA DEVELOPER ROM (recommended) So starting with the less used one
      Things you need
      1. your redmi 3s/3s prime
      2. Mi account
      3. Mi unlock tool (Download from here)
      4. USB cable
      5. Few weeks of patience
      So lets unlock your bootloader
      1. Download MI Unlock from link given above
      2. Create MI account if you don't have one
      3. Login in mi unlock with same account present in your device
      4. you will get some TnC hit agree
      5. it will show an error that  “Your device is not Supported”. Don’t worry! Now Click the “Go” button and it will take to the page   6. You will see a blue screen in the page with text UNLOCK YOUR MI DEVICE
      7. Click the Unlock Now button
      8. In the browser you will be asked to log in with Mi Account again, So log in and Fill your details with your Mobile Number
      9. You will receive an OTP for verification on your phone.
      10. Enter the OTP number on the browser to complete the process.
      11. You need to wait until your application is accepted. (usually takes around 3-7 days)
      12. once your application is accepted you will receive a text message on your mobile number.
      13. now once again open MI FLASH UNLOCK and sign in with same account.
      14. now turn on your device in fastboot mode (press volume down + power button) and connect your device to PC or laptop
      15. You will find UNLOCK option click on that and you are done This was the first step but 98% people get stuck on 50% while verifying their device so if you are the one facing this same issue then follow these additional step
      1. Enable developer option ( click on MIUI version 7 time )
      2. Go to additional setting -> developer option and then enable OEM unlock and USB debugging
      3. Disable all the lock screen password (finger print, pattern or pin)
      4. Install all the ADB drivers onto your computer
      5. After your application is accepted wait for at least 3 days and then try again And even after doing these steps you are still stuck on 50% then choose the 2nd way as it is more reliable ,easy and works 100% 2nd Way UNLOCKING BOOT LOADER IN CHINA ROM
      Thing you need
      - you need everything same as above but in this case you need a developer China ROM as well (DOWNLOAD FROM HERE) Steps to follow  
      1. follow above steps till 12.
      2. download china developer rom from above link
      3. go to the updater app and on right corner you will find 3 dots click it and click on "choose update package"
      4. browse the miui china rom file and update to china rom once you are done with this
      5. continue the above steps (those are 13,14 and 15) BAM you are done now you can flash any new ROM  or maybe you want to root your device if you like this post do join our community and help us grow
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